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How Net Metering Works In Pakistan

by | Jun 25, 2022 | Insights | 0 comments

Solar energy systems have been quite successful ever since their introduction. This is mostly because none of the produced energy is wasted. The required amount of energy is consumed by the house, business, or the facility it is installed whereas the rest is stored either in batteries or the grid. But the solar system cannot by default sell the surplus energy to the grid as it requires a system. Let’s talk about this system and how it can be beneficial for us:  

What is a net-metering system?

A Net-Metering system is a billing mechanism where the user is given credit for the electricity they sell to the utility grid.

How it works:

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. This energy is used to power all the appliances of the solarised facility. But usually, there is a mismatch as the produced energy from the solar system exceeds the consumed energy from the solarized facility. In this case, if there is no backup, the excess generated electricity can be wasted. This is where net-metering comes into the picture. When the produced electricity exceeds the consumed amount, the excess electricity is transferred to the utility grid through a net-metering system. This grid acts as a mega backup that provides electricity when the solar system is not able to generate electricity in the absence of sunlight.

So, you are billed for the ‘net’ energy that is the difference between the produced electricity from the solar system and the consumed electricity by the appliances in the solarized facility.

Net Metering
Net Metering makes it possible to completely eliminate electricity bills


1. Reduction in Electric Bills:

Solar panels have become much more efficient with the advancement of technology. Hence, they usually generate excess electricity which is sent to the grid for later use. This way, all the generated electricity is used to power the home leading to minimum use of electricity from the grid. This results in zero or even negative electricity bills.

2. Contribute to the Utility Grid:

As homeowners and businesses with solar energy systems send the excess electricity to the electric grid, they play a part in contributing energy which lessens the pressure on the grid.  

3. Makes solar system a viable investment

The solar investment can be recovered much quicker with the help of a net-metering system. The minimal electricity bills help in covering all the costs within just a few years, making solar systems very practical.

The service of a net-metering system is available for both on-grid as well as a hybrid system with batteries. Sympl Energy takes care of all the processes and materials involved in solarizing a house, business, or any other facility. Starting from the survey of the facility to installing a net-metering system to after-sales service, we provide a complete solar solution for all.