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Residential Solar Solutions

Affordable and Reliable Solar Energy for your home

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Commercial Solar Solutions

Reduce the operating expenses of your commercial entity

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Industrial Solar Solution

Reduce your carbon footprint while saving big on Electricity Expenses

Power agriculture with solar

Agricultural Solar Solutions

Use solar irrigation systems to feed your crops

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Power Backup

Explore options for high quality battery backup solutions

On Grid Solar Solutions

Our Sympl on-grid solar system is the most widely used system across all industries, be it residential or commercial. It is a solar power generation system that is directly connected to the utility grid.

Save more with Net Metering

With a net-metering system, you are given credits for the excess electricity generated from the system. So, whenever your solar system is not generating energy, for instance; at night or during load shedding, the grid acts as a backup and you can symply use these units. In this way, your electricity bill can be significantly reduced.


Here’s why you should opt for our Sympl On-grid system:

Cost Effective

The best part of an on-grid system is that its upfront cost is low as it does not include any batteries. This makes the system a very cost-effective option.

Net Metering

You might be wondering what happens to the surplus electricity generated from the on-grid system if there are no batteries for backup. This is where a net-metering system comes into the picture.

Easy Maintenance

Our Sympl On-grid system, with the elimination of batteries, has the least number of components. This makes the system very easy to install and maintain.


Avg Mo. Savings

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What do we offer?

Starting from the survey of the site to after-sales service, we take care of all the products and services involved in installing and keeping the solar system running.

Keeping quality at priority, Sympl Energy’s solar system consists of high-efficiency photo-voltaic (PV) panels and inverters manufactured by the leading providers in the world.